Friday, 8 November 2013

Kim Soo Hyun’s Calvin Klein Photos Are HOT, HOT, HOT!

Dazed & Confused Korea magazine and actor Kim Soo Hyun came together to reveal the photos from the making of the Calvin Klein ad.

Kim Soo Hyun joined top stars such as Shin Min Ah, Lee Hyori, and TOP this autumn and became the new brand icon for premium denim jean brand Calvin Klein.

In the revealed stills, Kim Soo Hyun is pictured on the streets of Berlin. He is shown wearing a pea coat, Mustang jacket, a down jumper, and various other chic Calvin Klein outerwear and shooting intense and charismatic looks at the camera.

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Kim Soo Hyun perfectly portrayed his artistic and graphic sophisticated looks in the ad. Along with the soft background music and the modern black and white tone effect, Kim Soo Hyun did a great job in acting with his eyes. Even in these ad videos, he reminds you that in addition to being an actor, he is a man's man.

His every meaningful move is captured in this Calvin Klein making of film, and the full version is available on the Dazed and Confused homepage, Facebook, digital magazine, and YouTube.

Photo credit: Dazed & Confused

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

[News] Lee Hyori takes “Indian Summer” look for ‘Dazed & Confused’

Lee Hyori
[News] Lee Hyori takes “Indian Summer” look for ‘Dazed & Confused’

Lee Hyori went for an “Indian Summer” look in her latest pictorial for the August edition of fashion magazine, ‘Dazed & Confused’.

Currently busy preparing for her upcoming wedding, Lee Hyori arranged time for a fashion magazine pictorial. The concept was “Indian summer” and the singer showed a new side to her with braided hair, cool nose piercing and painted face. As the concept was recreating Indian motive into modern ways, she showed variety of poses and facial expressions that match the concept.

The full photoshoot will be in the August edition of Dazed & Confused magazine.

[News] Stars walk on the blue carpet for the Mnet’s ‘2013 20’s Choice Awards’

[News] Stars walk on the blue carpet for the Mnet’s ‘2013 20’s Choice Awards’

On July 18, Mnet held the one and only summer awards ceremony for youth, the ‘20’s Choice Awards’ which took place at Ilsan’s KINTEX Exhibition Hall.

The awards started off with its trademark Blue Carpet event as usual, and those who walked and showcased their fashionable outfits and oozing charisma include Lee Hyori, Girl’s Day, John Park, INFINITE, f(x)’s Luna, SISTAR, SHINee, 2NE1’s CL, Shinhwa, Stellar and more.

Blue Carpet Performance:

Wonder Boyz

[embedded content]


[embedded content]

Blue Carpet:

Girl’s Day

[embedded content]

John Park + Lee Juk

[embedded content]

f(x)’s Luna

[embedded content]

Choi Jin Hyuk

[embedded content]

CL + Lee Soo Hyuk

[embedded content]


[embedded content]

Park Bo Young

[embedded content]


[embedded content]


[embedded content]

Lee Hyori

[embedded content]

Fei's Teaser for Miss A's Comeback has been released!

The teasing continues! miss A has now unveiled the final individual teaser image for member Fei, bringing more excitement to the fans.

This is the last of the teasers that have to be revealed for the comeback, and the picture is looking just as fierce as the teasers for the first three members. There is so much going on in this picture and it pretty much all ties together when it comes to delivering a message about the album to come and song that us fans should expect. The very feel of it is like a chic bad girl with a style that plays on a lot of monochrome and dark colors. It's very complimentary to the looks of Miss A so there is not much to complain about. The fans also think very highly of the teasers so far and cannot wait to see what they have in store.

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miss A will return with a song titled “Hush,” composed by E.Tribe. The composer is well known for making Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” and Lee Hyori’s “U Go Girl” among others. This is the first time that miss A’s title song was not written by Park Jin Young since its debut in 2010.

Monday, 4 November 2013

SBS Cancels “Barefoot Friends” and Sets Premiere Date of “K-Pop Star 3″

Some times programs get cancelled at the first signs of trouble, and other times programs are dragged on for as long as possible despite how poorly they are doing for various reasons that are not immediately apparent. SBS’s “Barefoot Friends” might be an example of the latter. It appears that SBS is finally ready to throw in the towel and put “Barefoot Friends” out of its misery with reports coming in that state that “Barefoot Friends” has officially been cancelled and will be replaced by SBS’s reoccurring audition program “K-Pop Star.”

barefoot friends

SBS’s “Barefoot Friends” was an ambitious program devised by ex-Family Outing PD Jang Hyuk Jae. Initial hype for the show was fairly high and continued to rise with confirmation of its elaborate MC team, comprising of returning National MC Kang Ho Dong along with UEE, Yoon Jong Shin, Yoo Se Yoon, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum Soo, Eun Hyuk and Yoon Shi Yoon. The program was going to be the second pillar in SBS’s sunday variety show line up. It was meant to complement their existing and hit variety program “Running Man,” featuring the other national MC, Yoo Jae Suk.

barefoot friends

Unfortunately, the initial concept of the program,which involved going overseas and experiencing every day life in other countries, never took off and the program could make absolutely no head way against the mass popularity of “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” on MBC during the same time slot.

barefoot friends

SBS “Barefoot Friends” continued to meander about from concept to concept, from a brief Lee Hyori special reminiscent of Family Outing, a song producing special, and a diving special, before finally settling more recently on a “cooking and eating at home” special. The constant changes in concept did little to help the program and most likely exasperated the program’s troubles. It also didn’t help that MBC’s “Real Men” and “Daddy? Where Are We Going” continued to go from strength from strength.

barefoot friends

Ratings wise, the program continued to average in the low single digit range, going as far down as 2.9% during its third airing. More recent episodes have averaged in the 5~6% range compared to the 15~18% ratings seen by MBC’s two Sunday programs. 

barefoot friends

Eventually, the program started to show the usual signs of a program eyeing death straight in the eye. Kim Bum Soo, who had gotten injured during their diving special, never ended up returning back to the show despite his recovery, and reports were coming in recently that Kim Hyun Joon, UEE and Yoon Shi Yoon were planning to leave the show. At this point, it appears that SBS has finally decided to show some humility by cancelling the program. The program lasted seven months, and in my opinion that was four months too many.

barefoot friends

The now empty Sunday time slot will now be filled with the third edition of SBS’s audition program “K-Pop Star,” starting from November 24. Will this program help see a return of SBS to the top of the Sunday variety show pecking tree? It’s difficult to say given that “Daddy? Where Are We Going?” is going from strength to strength, while KBS has replaced the under performing “Mamma Mia” with the much more formidable “Superman Has Returned,” another children based program. Either way, we can now bid “Barefoot Friends” a farewell.

Skull and Haha to Hold First Malaysia Showcase this December

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 3 November 2013 - One of the most dynamic reggae live performances is coming to town!

Top Korean reggae artistes Skull & Haha will be in Malaysia for the first time on Saturday, 21 December 2013, to meet fans up close and personal. In addition to a separate meet & greet session, they will be bringing their fun, unique blend of Korean reggae music and high-energy performance to celebrate the year's end with fans.

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Ha Dong Hoon (a.k.a Haha, Haroro, 东勋 ) has been a cast member of the highly popular Korean variety shows 'Running Man' since 2010 and 'Infinite Challenge' since 2005. On 30 December 2011, HaHa received the 'Best Entertainer Award' at the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards for his outstanding performance in the show. 'Running Man' is not only a hit variety programme in Korea, it has also taken other parts of Asia by storm. The programme currently goes on air regionally on ONE TV ASIA.

In addition to being a popular presenter, deejay, actor and comedian, HaHa is also a well known singer in Korea. He released his single album 'You're My Destiny' in 2007 and it reached the Number 1 spot on Gaon Chart (Korean national music chart). 

A new father and one who enjoys a positive image that appeals to the mass public, Haha was most recently invited to be the Ambassador for Pixar's summer animated blockbuster, 'Monster University.' He is also one of spokesmen for the Coke campaign in Korea.

Signed in the United States under Morgan Carey, the brother of Mariah Carey, Korean leading reggae artiste Skull reaches out not only to an Asian-American fan base but also Caribbean and American audiences with his distinctive interpretation of the Jamaican patois.

The reggae duo released their single, 'Ragga Muffin,' in June this year. This is the second collaboration between Skull & HaHa since the release of their summer hit 'Busan Vacance' in July 2012. 

Making a guest appearance for Skull & HaHa is DJ IT who has a wealth of experience working with heavy weights in the Korean music industry, including Big Bang, RAIN, Lee Hyori, YG Family, DJ DOC, Dynamic Duo, and many others.


Event: Skull & Haha First Malaysia Showcase

Date: Saturday, 21 December 2013

Time: 7:30pm (door opens at 6:45 pm)

Venue: KL Live, First floor, Life Centre, 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL. Malaysia 

Tel: 60 3-2162 2570

Seating: Free Standing

Pricing: Cat 1 RM 500 : Includes meet & greet, photo-taking, priority entry. Details for the meet & greet and photo-taking session will be announced on our Facebook page LEAP-IMS. Please check for updates regularly. Limited numbers only.

Early-bird discount not applicable.

Cat 2 RM 380 : Includes pre-signed CD. One CD per ticket holder.

Priority entry.

CDs to be picked up at the door.

Limited numbers only.

Cat 3 RM 180 : General admission.

Ground level, behind Cat 1 & 2 area.

Admission after Cat 1 & 2.

Cat 4 RM 100 : General admission.

Level 2.

Early-bird offer: 10% (valid until 11:59pm, Sunday, 10 November 2013)

Tickets from TicketCharge: Hotline: +603- 9222 8811

For the latest update on the fan meeting and details for the meet & greet session, please LIKE and follow our Facebook PAGE: LEAP- IMS or Tweeter: LEAP IMS.

Lee Hyori Updates Her Fans, "Iceland Records Shops Are the Best"

Singer Lee Hyori updated her fans in Iceland.

Today, Lee Hyori posted on her Twitter, "In the city of Iceland, there are a lot of records shops. The better part is that there are sofas and CD players so you can listen to them before purchasing them. They even give you coffee to drink while listening to them. You can listen to 100 of them and walk out not buying anything and the employee still smiles at you and says 'have a good day'" along with a picture.

In the picture, Lee Hyori is sitting down in a yellow sofa, looking at the camera. Even though she's not wearing any makeup, she is showing off her cute beauty.

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Internet users who saw this commented, "She got even prettier after she got married," "Did Lee Sang Soon take this picture," etc.

Photo Credit: Lee Hyori Twitter